TheBridge Pack  v1.1

Who am I?

Hello! I'm Marcus, a little small YouTuber who specializes in TheBridge (a Minecraft minigame) and some Hypixel gamemode videos! I love Minecraft and as my channel name suggests, I'm also a Super Mario fan! :D (as some of you may notice sometimes I will use Super Mario or related remixes for my videos) I sometimes like to draw Minecraft figures as well! Enjoy your stay btw! ^o^


My History

I started to do Youtube video since 2014 and used the username - MarcusMario0605. I did CraftRealms (closed in 2017) video at the first time. Afterwards I found a server called SpecialCraft (rebranded to McGamerZone, closed in 2017, will reopen in 2021). I also found TheBridge at January 2015. This minigame was seriously fun. So I fell in love with it, and remains one of my favourite gamemodes all time full stop.